Here are some of the wonderful local businesses we love to love!


Pickford's Fresh Seafood

Since he started fishing at 7 years old, Will always had a love for fresh seafood from both freshwater and saltwater. This love led Will to Johnson Wales University where he graduated, and then the Culinary Institute of American in Greystone, CA, where he honed his skills as a chef.  Will now brings over 26 years of culinary experience and expertise to Pickford’s Seafood and knows every detail about the products he sells. Pickford’s Fresh Seafood provides only the freshest seafood caught within 24 hours. All products are FDA and HACCP approved, and never farm-raised. If you are looking for sashimi or any other unique seafood products, you will find it at Pickford’s, the freshest seafood in the Valley -

Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance

Our walkable, bikeable community offers much to explore, from nearly 4o restaurants in Virginia's first culinary district to museums to local history. Our quality of life is highly sought after -- downtown Harrisonburg is a livable, vibrant community where people are passionate about the Shenandoah Valley and creating a place that we love together. Downtown is where you can start your business, walk to work, meet your neighbors, raise your family, enjoy the mountains, get involved, and shop local. - 

VA Arts Council

Harrisonburg, Virginia is home to a thriving arts community that represents a variety of different backgrounds.  This region of the Shenandoah Valley is a hub for individual artists' studios, galleries, theatre events, museum exhibitions, quilting sessions and cooperative arts spaces that encourage the creativity that is alive in all of us.


Cat's Cradle

Cat’s Cradle’s mission is to ensure and maintain a safe, compassionate community for cats and dogs. -


Rockingham/Harrisonburg SPCA

To promote respect, compassion, education and advocacy resulting in a humane and sustainable environment for all animals. The Rockingham-Harrisonburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded August, 1972 in order to provide general assistance to animals and the public. -


Harrisonburg Farmer's Market

The Harrisonburg Farmers Market mission is to provide the public with easy access to fresh, nutritious, locally produced agricultural goods and crafts of the highest quality, to assist local and regional farmers and other producers to directly market their products to the local customer base, and to support environmental stewardship and community well-being. -


Friendly City Food Co-Op

It’s a business based on community and sustainability. It’s about using profits to make a difference in the community and the world. Friendly City Food Co-op is a business that’s owned and democratically controlled by a large group of owners right here in our area. -


Staff of Life Bread Company

Staff of Life Bread Company loves baking bread. Specifically, good bread. The kind that lingers on your tastebuds long after eating; and brings out the best in all the foods you serve it with; the kind that makes your friends ask “…where did you get this?” Flour, water, salt and yeast meet time, skill, fun, and love. Their bread gets the time it needs to coax the flavor out of quality ingredients, and is baked boldly using traditional artisan methods.


Green Haven Farm

Family owned and operated small goat dairy that offer local products such as Goat Cheeses, Feta, Cheddar, Jalepeno and Cheddar Style Hard Cheeses.  They are a partner with Buy Fresh Buy Local Virginia, which supports local farms, retailers, restaurants and food businesses by promoting local farm and food products to consumers. -


Hott Apiary

Your source for genuine local/raw honey, quick and efficient bee swarm removal, and quality pollination services.


Mt. Crawford Creamery

With no other dairy processing and bottling milk in the area, they want to share with the people of the Shenandoah Valley fresh milk produced by a family that has been in the community for generations. They want to give our neighbors and friends milk from their own community, where they can see the happy cows munching on fresh green, grass and know they have a quality product they too can be proud of when they take a drink. -


T&E Meat Market 

T&E Meats is in the health business: Creating healthy customers, healthy regional farmers, healthy workers, and a healthy food community by connecting local farmers to local eaters, retaining food dollars in our local communities, providing a safe, healthy, and affordable food supply, and healing the earth by promoting ecologically sound farming practices. -


North Cove Mushrooms

North cove Mushrooms is a local farm, built from the ground up by Eason Burke and Robin Serne of Brightwood, VA. Specializing in producing high quality Shiitake, Oyster, and Lions Mane mushrooms year round, plus medicinal products and prepared foods. Their growing methods use an environmentally friendly process. Starting with a industry ‘byproduct‘- oak sawdust and straw- and ending with nutritious compost, they cultivate flavorful chemical free mushrooms for the local market. -


Showalter's Orchard and Greenhouse

Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Family Owned and Operated, we’ve been in business since 1965. Our Orchard is located on approximately 40 acres with breath taking views of the Valley. We grow over 26 varieties of Apples and we press and bottle Our Famous Apple Cider on the premises. It is available in our market from mid-September thru Christmas each year. You can also find it in a number of local shops and groceries.


Old Hill Hard Cider

Delicious and natural, familiar and flavorful, the American tradition of hard cider is back in the Shenandoah Valley courtesy of Old Hill Cider, and it’s better than ever. Based in Timberville, Old Hill Cider is the Shenandoah Valley’s first such cidery. Using carefully selected apples of heirloom cider-specific varieties, their artisan hard cider is made from 100% apple juice. The added benefit of hard cider being gluten-free is attracting new fans as well.


Crosskeys Vineyards

In 2001, the first vines were planted. Years and years of hard work, passion, hope, and most importantly perseverance breathed life into our dream; opening the doors to our own vineyard. In May of 2008 we opened the doors to the tasting room and offered the first vintage of 2006, 100% estate grown wine, from the once forgotten land. -


Bluestone Vineyards

Bluestone Vineyard is located in the center of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, named after the "bluestone"
(a type of limestone) that is a main component withinthe local soil. We began planting vines in 2008 and have established ourselves as a Virginia Winery producing well-crafted boutique wines. -


Purple Wolf Vineyards

When it came time to design our wine label and name our line of wines...we couldn't resist using the acronym for White Oak Lavender Farm (WOLF) and of course our peaceful wolf had to be purple! While visiting the farm you are welcome to walk one of the vineyards and taste our delicious wines available for sampling.